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Everyone was settled in and we thought we could relax a bit until the cats were finished their buffer. All we had to do was think about where we could foster them. Email/phone call inquiries were answered. One caller insisted that one of our adopted cats was his tabby girl, missing for 8 months.

We keep records of each of our rescues: date into Animal Services, location picked up, date pulled, date adopted, vet records. Given this information, it could not be his cat.

We have had people see their cat on an Adoption poster or Kitties to Adopt page and contacted us resulting in tearful reunions. We encourage anyone who looses their pet to visit  Animal Services, look in the Stray room (description given on the Locator Line doesn’t always match), file a lost report, poster, post on Kijiji, and use social media – Facebook Thunder Bay Lost and Found Pets.

But I digress…settling in and relaxing….unfortunately “you know what” hit the fan – perhaps mucous is a good word. Our mom and her babies developed a severe case of upper resp. They have been given IV fluids, steroids and are force fed. It’s a scary time. We’re not sure what the outcome will be.

One of our buffer moms is away for a week so we have been going to the home to care for the cats there, including one which needed antibiotics. Some human meds are used for animals so the drug store was a stop along the way. Always feels strange to pick up a prescription for a cat. Good thing his name is a human one and not something like Powder Puff – that is announced. Always feels strange picking up a prescription for a cat. I don’t know. Just my thing I guess. Got a text that another foster might have a bladder infection so we’ll need to get a urine test, antibiotics – the cat that is, not the human…well maybe she does… but this time, it’s the cat.

We’re glad the temp is “warmer” what with all the driving including a 7:30 a.m. pick up at the buffer house for 2 cats that were to be spayed. Gave myself lots of time as sometimes as you know, if you follow the blog, it is sometimes difficult catching the cat to crate it. Thankfully both cooperated – easy peasy and a nice drive out to the clinic to drop off.

Later in the morning, the vet called. All went well and the 2 were ready to be picked up. The polydactyl female had an embedded nail removed so special litter was required. As there are 4 roaming freely in the house, litter boxes had to be purchased, filled, old ones bagged and put away for now.  Thought it would be an easy day. Fooled me!

…..but then we heard that the sick mom and kittens aren’t any worse today and 2 donations of hand sewn cat beds and cage/crates needed to be picked up. So nice to know we’re thought of and not alone in this work.



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