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We’re gearing up for Christmas and were disappointed that we were too late for the Vanderwees Christmas show.  The sales of our fundraisers help with our expenses. Hopefully we can participate at other events.

We are gradually adopting out our rescues but 2 fell through. With emails flying back and forth, we figured out which KK representative was available to do an adoption, contacted fosters and adopters for times available for pick up and meet, confirmed with foster/potential adopters and only hours before the actual meet up, they cancelled saying they just adopted a kitten.  We know things happen but just frustrating – but moreso, we wonder if their kitten has been vet checked and vaccinated or if the momma cat will be spayed.  Hopefully the kittens were adopted from our friends in rescue.

Adopting from Kitty Kare does not guarantee that the cat will be free of health issues but we do our best to ensure that they are and are protected. We also stem the flow by spaying the mommas.  As a dear friend of mine says, “oh well, what are you going to do?”  Yes she’s right.

Be wise. As you would research a breeder when you adopt a purebred dog/cat, so you should research a rescue or a ‘backyard breeder’.  Don’t encourage the breeder by adopting from them. If they can adopt out kittens, why bother spaying the momma and having more.


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