Together we’re better

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Always good to have friends in rescue.

I had emailed a few rescues with some questions about best practice and one woman from a well known rescue in Toronto, responded. We spent some time playing telephone tag and finally connected. It was good to talk, ask questions, compare and vent.  I think we should have “Rescue Anon” where those in the trenches can safely vent and receive support.  

Not only are the demands sometimes overwhelming but for me, confusing….when things happen so quickly with everyone working (pulling, placing, adopting, moving, organizing/completing paperwork, delivering, answering inquiries on email and facebook, phoning, arranging) – it’s almost comical – like this week when Alex asked Animal Services for more time and figured out placements. Don’t know quite how her mind works – those synapses are snapping but we will be able to rescue most of the death row cats.

I scratch my head and say, what the heck? What???? “Who’s on first? What’s on second?  I don’t know is on third”…. a comedy routine but an apt analogy. Course, it doesn’t help when my mind (which isn’t like Marlys’s or Lorraine’s who have minds like the proverbial trap) can’t recall what I did yesterday.  I think the only thing I retain is water.

Anyways…I digress. It seems Roz’s rescue and ours face the same issues, have the same experiences, the same frustrations and ask the same questions. Roz has a ton of experience having worked with large organizations involved in rescue, gone through amalgamations, re-structuring and deputations. She has offered her expertise which is so kind of her. We have already shared some information about new treatments available that she wasn’t aware of.  We may be small but mighty 🙂  Together we’re better.



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  1. Lorraine says:

    Indeed!! Very happy to hear that you can make room for most to save more lives 🙂
    Don’t know how you juggle all those things on a constant basis! You at Kitty Kare are amazing because you keep moving all the time!! Even when some kitties pass away or are found in a horrible situation.
    I crumble and want to make that stupid person understand what they did!
    All of just keep pushing on to save more lives.
    Sometimes I think it would be nice for all rescues to be together….or kitty rescues together and dog rescues all together. Mountain moving in large groups!
    p.s. – thank you for the compliment but you are really right about Marlys!! She remembers all the kitties…….not me! I have books…..library training 🙂

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