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Talking to an individual about a fundraising possibility for next year. It would mean asking for volunteers to sit on a committee because the board does not have the energy/time/resources to do it ourselves, but the potential is exciting. It would not only help with fundraising for our Rescue and Adoption Centre aka Sanctuary, but also has the potential to celebrate all things cat and the human cat bond, improve the welfare of cats, increase the value of cats. At the same time, I’m tired thinking about it. I am sure the board will support it…..only talked to one member so far.

Canadian annual Shelter Statistics released at the end of December are interesting. Adoption rates have increased (surpassing that for dogs for the first time), euthanasia rates have decreased and fewer cats are taken in by shelters. Interesting. It almost parallels our local stats provided by Animal Services, Thunder Bay:

2014  1330 – intake   357 – adopted/KK pulled   76 – claimed

726 –  euthanized  54%     DOA – 90

2015   944 – intake   359 – adopted/KK pulled   116 – claimed

447 – euthanized   48%

Although the stats are encouraging there are still too many cats that are unclaimed and killed. Our sister rescue group, New Hope Dog Rescue does not have stats at this time but I would bet that their euthanasia % is not as high as ours. There is work to do.after all, “there are heartbeats behind the numbers.”

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