The Ultimate Bro-mance

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DI 503990 was picked up from Queen Street early April. He was so afraid but despite that, he showed no aggression to kennel staff. He couldn’t make himself small enough in his kennel, cowering in fear. Who knows what trauma he experienced.

As his owner did not claim this poor soul, DI 503990 was scheduled to be euthanized. We could not leave him to die so he was pulled. Named Hogan, he did not cope well so he was placed in his own room. For 3 months, he refused any attempt to interact or respond to Alex, only watching her come and go from the safety of his hiding spots under and behind furniture….coming out only to eat and drink when no one was in sight. During the night he would play and Alex would find ‘drowned’ toy mice in his water dish. We thought he was destined to be a barn cat… so kept our ears open to such an inquiry.

Then a little black male – one of four, was pulled from Animal Services – another whose owner did not claim. Because Alex had no space for him she placed DI 506051 in Hogan’s room. Hogan was fully vaccinated but it was risky – 2 adult males.  Hogan was good with other cats so she felt it was worth the gamble. Low and behold, by day 2 Hogan made a complete turn around.

Alex texted me immediately to excitedly report that he had come out of hiding and was cuddling, purring and playing like a normal cat.  All Hogan needed was another friend, Suge Knight, to show him he could trust people again. This event supports the research into cat behaviour and the influence one has on the other but more importantly it’s a wonderful story about what love and friendship can do.

Suge Knight and Hogan find comfort in each other and are happy….similar in temperaments – loving, gentle and affectionate. We are thrilled…..Hogan has a chance. We hope that we can adopt them out together..BFForever.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    No words other than……love, love, love, love :)))

  2. Laura Mironsky says:

    As you know my resident cat Coco is a natural fraidy cat. Very few people have ever seen her in 6 years. She’s only comfortable around me. When my older girl Lexi passed, I could see Coco becoming more reclusive . If she saw Lexi out, she felt “safe” enough to follow. Without her she was retreating again. When I first wrote to Kitty Kare, I asked for an older, confident, but not aggressive cat that could bring her out of her shell again. Paul was a good recommendation. . She spent the first 3 days on top of a cat tree., then 21 days hiding in the basement, but after that she did a complete turn around. The next addition to the family, she only took an hour of hiding then was out to meet him. She doesn’t always “like” Paul, but she is active, hangs out with her brothers and even plays with them now. ( Chewie (Maverick) likes to sleep with his head on her butt (she likes him better) Chewie and Paul were an instant bromance too. It took them all of 10 min to start cleaning each other. They all have different personalities and when they have the right fit, it makes for a great family.

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