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Another busy week juggling and running… the paperwork from Animal Services. At last count we had close to 70 cats in care. I don’t know how Alex keeps every one of her buffer cats figured out- who needs to be spay/neutered, where they could go and then lugging them all over town to their foster homes. Yesterday morning before work, she took 5 kittens plus their supplies plus a large dog crate, to a foster home. Good thing she’s young and in good shape. Some of us are in good shape but not young 🙂  Spay/neuters, shave down, vet checks and vaccinations – done.

We were saddened but not surprised to hear that Krissy of KD Kitty Katchers has folded. Rescue work takes its toll. We salute her for her dedication, hard work and love for these innocent ones. She should be proud of the number of lives she has saved. Even with 5 of us on a working board, it is exhausting work. We greatly admire her for what she was able to accomplish. Many blessings to you Krissy.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    I sit in awe of 70 cats in care of a rescue, non-profit organization! My mind cannot wrap itself around the many things it takes to save that many kitties……my body would fail for sure!!!
    I salute you all at Kitty Kare for what you do and thank you so much for my 3 bundles of happiness!

    Krissy of Kitty Katchers, I salute you as well! Krissy saved so many lives all on her own, right from trapping to re-homing. Rescue takes it toll for sure. You deserve a break dear Krissy 🙂
    YOU DONE GOOD!!!!!

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