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We’re excited about a fundraiser that some cat lovers are wanting to do for us. We met a couple of weeks ago and were so excited about their idea and the potential.  Their enthusiasm was contagious. We need to apply for a lottery license however….holy man……… although we’re already a registered charity and Marlys submits our financials every year to Revenue Canada we have to go through a lengthy detailed process. The paperwork to fill out and collect (copies of by laws, letters patent, detailed information about our programs, projections, etc.) is to apply to be eligible to apply for a license. I want to get this done, signed by the executive and delivered on Tuesday. As with many government forms, it’s – well……….you can imagine. Hopefully the Application for Eligibility will be accepted and then we will have to apply to get the lottery license.

Besides the hands-on work of the rescue (fostering and buffering), there’s a ton of ‘regular’ paperwork done behind the scenes.

Alex pulled some cats on the weekend, moved some and now I will wait for more paperwork on each one – the Transfer of Ownership and Release of Liability forms from Animal Services. We keep track of who, where, when, dates of vaccinations and de worming, when and if they need boosters, spay/neuter….right now it’s a 6 page chart which is updated and emailed to the board….have to get adoption packages ready so after our volunteer contacts adoptive families, the cards we include just have to be done. Also worried about where we’re going to put some of our cats that are with students right now. We have a lot of foster applications but we know that some of these cats don’t do well with others – and all of our applicants already have resident pets.

We decided to do an Adoption fair in 2 weeks. That might also make us eligible for a grant. It will require some organizing in order to fulfil the requirements of the grant application and coordinating – who can attend (some cats get too stressed), who can help, how many crates we need, then fosters will be contacted, pick ups and drop offs figured out, and then the actual gathering and packing of supplies and lugging to the site.

Fed the tuxedo kittens mid day yesterday and was encouraged and felt grounded. Sometimes the paperwork, tracking and organizing gets overwhelming. Being with these little fluff balls calms and soothes the soul – despite the worry.

The one little ‘sparrow’ is looking better…but I never get my hopes up. Sometimes even in the healthiest of litters, some suddenly die for unknown reasons.  Gracie, the black momma looks so much better. She’s gained weight and hums and chats away when you visit her.

So despite having a full head after 4 hours spent this morning with paper, I am reminded…that is why we do what we do.

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  1. Lorraine says:


    Such hard work and going through some extremely difficult emotional periods with the kitties, you all rise above and conquer some how.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, along with Henry, Albert & Luci… Kitty Kare blessings!

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