The Best Laid Plans

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What was supposed to be an easy peasy vet appointment, wasn’t.

Had 2 stops to pick up foster kittens. City kitten picked up and headed out for the country kittens. Been easy before. Foster parents were at work but I had a key. Kittens were in the bedroom. Access to under the bed was blocked off but somehow they found a hiding place. After 20 minutes of crawling on the floor, digging out pillows, moving furniture, sweating (yes I sweat versus ‘glow’) all the while watching the clock, I could only retrieve 3 out of the 5.  Crates packed into the car and off to the vet’s with only moments to spare.

Vet check and vaccinations/de worming went smoothly except for one that needed some cream for his little head. Bill paid, paperwork gathered, crates loaded back into the car, I headed off. Dropped off country kittens and then dropped off city kitten and to the drug store to pick up the prescription. There was a bit of a wait.

The 2 uncooperative kittens still needed their vet check and vaccinations and as I wanted them to be ready to be adopted this week I arranged to return in a few hours when foster parents were home. That way they could retrieve then and I could take them back to the vet. Sooooooooooo it was back to the country, a drive to the vet’s and then back to the country to return them and then home.  All done.

Email inquiries to answer, visits coordinated…. I am exhausted. This 61 year old body is fried….I’m getting too old for this. And then I looked in the mirror and saw…………a pimple.  I think I heard God chuckling.


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