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Disco is alive and well  – at least in my brain. Awoke with the song “Stayin’ Alive” rattling around, or maybe it was what my girl was shrieking ‘gotta eat -‘stayin alive’ when she sat by my head yelling at me at 5:00 a.m.

We spent a few hours yesterday providing care and trying to figure out what was going on with the litters. One momma was stressed and not well. She had not been feeding or caring for her babies nor eating food left for her from the previous evening.

As the kittens are just over 3 weeks we hoped that they could eat on their own so they were offered a slurry of Kitten Milk Replacement and Recovery and plopped into it. Some made the connection and lapped up the food, others licked their paws, while other precious ones stood in the slurry looking bewildered. Because as mentioned in previous blogs that I’m part jewish  🙂  …or maybe italian – manga manga – I spooned the slurry into their little mouths and bottle fed all of them.  Gotta get that food in there somehow! Little faces and bums soaked and cleaned.

Carol called our volunteer, Lyn and asked if she could take the kittens home – that way they could be monitored closely to ensure they are eating.  I have cans of high calorie food and Recovery (gee I sound like Old Mother Hubbard except I have a full cupboard)  that I feed to my special needs furbaby so we didn’t have to dash off to the vet clinic to pick some up – just a trip to the pet store for more KMR. Lyn picked up the kittens and supplies later in the afternoon. Word last night was that they were sleeping with full bellies. Whew.

Grey white mom is nursing and caring for her kittens but a few of them are concerning as they are congested. Meds were applied to their eyes, noses cleaned, a vaporizer steaming – providing moisture to the room. We’re particularly worried about these ones as they are so young. Such a sweet mom. She was so attentive and concerned when Carol was trying to “steam” her babies, craddling each over the vaporizer. We left them cuddled up and nursing but memories of our last litter remain….only one kitten out of 5 survived, each dying one after the other.  We’ve also had some seemingly healthy kittens die.

Returning for last shift,  after steaming, and applying meds to grey white mom’s kittens again, Carol changed bedding, swept and washed the floor, while stressed momma was moved into her own room and offered a variety of foods.  As we had feared, she had not touched her food that was left in the morning.

Remember my full cupboard? I could open a pet store depot as it contains a variety of cat food for my own fur babies – so I brought over a sampling.  Momma was offered a smorgasbord on a large plate but only ate some tuna…a topping for cats – yes I spoil my kids. Kibble was also changed. Unfortunately she threw up shortly later and has diarrhea. I applied some eye meds, gave her some nutri-cal again and hope the quiet away from her babies will give her the break and rest she needs. She will be checked by a vet later today. This little girl is so sweet and affectionate – heart breaking that she feels so unwell.

On a lighter note, 9 cats were pulled from Animal Services yesterday. Mom with 4 babies and 2 females around 5 months. Another mom and babies pulled on the weekend are doing well.  A pregnant mom just arrived at AS so we may receive notice about her and hope we can find buffer space for her and others that are to be ‘sent’.

Today’s shift – we’ll see what happens. Hope we can still sing that song…at least we can for those 9 lives.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    This is the book that I can’t put down! I was awake quite a bit last night thinking of the kittens and their mommas. I don’t think that I could do what you all do…..and you do it over and over again. Each litter different from the last with their own set of worries. How I hope that ALL of these precious ones survive… I know you do…each and every week! 🙂

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