Texting and fostering

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“Kitty update….all the kitties are out of the woods – nice and plump and no more wheezing. Just our one little lady is still struggling. I have been feeding her KMR and she is taking it easily so I hope to see some weight gain.”

“Little kitten just not perking up. I am wondering if there is a problem.”

“Sometimes they just fail to thrive despite food, love and warmth. Fading kitten syndrome. Not likely virus or parasite as others would be weak. Could be heart – but likely idiopathic. I know it’s hard. If you want a vet consult, just let me know.”

“Oh that is so sad..what happens? They just pass away eventually?”

“Yes…and sometimes a healthy lively kitten will just die suddenly.”

“I don’t think she’ll make it much longer. I am snuggled up with her now. When I went to feed her, she didn’t want to move at all and just wanted to sleep.”

“She will know she is loved…poor baby.”

“Yes I m telling her she is loved and giving her kisses and telling her she can go if she wants. She will stay snuggled with me in bed tonight so she can be warm.”

……”the kitten has passed.”

“So sorry. Are you okay? She had a chance to grow with her litter mates, be loved by her mom and experience human love…and she didn’t die alone and in the cold.”



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