Tears are a good thing

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Tears. Fostering is such gratifying work as lives are saved. There is no long term commitment and all expenses are covered. All we ask is that the foster family cares for their rescues but many, fall in love.

We received notice that we had less than 24 hours to move a foster. We were all either tied up with work,¬†out of town, weddings, special event commitments but had to find time to do the move. Carol and I picked up little Olive and Jessica was ready….but not emotionally. She went outside as we loaded up Olive as she couldn’t bear to hear her cry. Fortunately Olive did not protest and Jessica was spared that but not the heartache. Olive was with her for 2 months and Jessica loved her. She would have adopted her but couldn’t take her on her move….so there were tears saying good-bye. We will let her know when Olive finds her forever home.

Joe and Sandra have fostered many over the year but Anderson captured their hearts. Delighted that he had a forever home, Joe handed him over to Carol and turned away with tears in his eyes.

That’s what makes our fosters great. They care.

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