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We are surprised that the URI kittens are still alive. Truly. Grey/white mom was trying her best but the two left – although seemingly in better shape yesterday, were struggling this morning. They were trying to nurse off their mom but to no avail. Lyn took them today to join the other 2 littermates and will try to save them. Not sure where Lyn gets her energy providing round the clock care – feeding, cleaning, steaming, but we’re so thankful for her caring heart.

Finally had tears today. It was the black momma that broke me. I just cannot understand how people can abandon their pets. Both black mom and grey/white are just so lovable, so sweet, trusting and gentle souls.

I know I am preaching to the converted in this blog. I understand that sometimes life throws you curve balls…job loss, family strife, sickness… but that doesn’t explain why there are so many abandoned pets.

Don’t people know that these wonderful creations are thinking beings who have emotions, who can problem solve, who experience fear, who experience joy, who have personality, senses of humour; creations who experience loneliness, who want to live and love and be loved? They are like us….sometimes I wonder who has the more complex brain.

I scooped up black mom who was crying for attention. So thin, full of mats (have to remember to bring a scissor and brush)….there was no struggle. She just snuggled and nestled, relishing every moment of being close, feeling safe. She literally absorbed as much love as she could, resting with so much trust, in my arms.

I often sing (croak) “you are my sunshine” to my little furbabies as I carry them and so I sang her that little song. Then she turned and looked into my eyes and kissed my cheek.  That broke me.

“Please don’t take my Sunshine away…..” We hope our little rays of sunshine will stay with us. If they don’t, at least they would die, knowing they were loved.


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  1. Lorraine says:

    Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh for real! I will NEVER understand how anyone can turn their back on such an innocent and loving soul!!!!
    Nothing more to say other than much support and prayers that all pull through so they may experience love ……….my heart is breaking for these fur babies.

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