Stayin’ Alive….still

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Momma is reason to give thanks. She is craving affection and hopefully will continue to manga manga and grow stronger.

Controlled panic. Tricia peered into the kitten’s crate and saw only 3. One was in the birthing box but where was the other. She searched frantically – must have been a girl scout as she had a small flash light in her purse – checked under the dresser drawers, under the bed….nothing … FINALLY  she found her/him wedged up in the back between the crate and the box – whew!! What a relief.

Lyn decided to take 2 of the sickest most congested ones home so she can pump milk into them and try to keep tiny pin prick sized nostrils open.

After leaving the kittens this morning with a heavy heart, good news of an adoption this week brightened Tricia’s day.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh……waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! This is a tale that cannot be put aside! I wish there was a magic wand for situations like this! To help the sick and needy that have yet to experience anything in life yet!!!
    I also wish there was a different wand for the “people” that do not take responsibility for their loved ones…….spayed/neutered……..LOVED 🙂

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