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Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage rage against the dying of the light.

Ruth fought hard to save little Squeakers. We thought we lost him a few days ago when he appeared to be lifeless but he recovered.

Little Squeakers was just 2 weeks old when he was brought to Animal Services…a lone little thing. How did that happen? Why would someone abandon such a kitten? Was he a lone baby? Did his littermates die of exposure?

We pulled him – thankfully we had a mom with young ones just a week older and Silver accepted him as her own.

Squeakers became the favorite of Ruth’s family and was going to have a forever home with Erin who was willing to wait for the precious boy.

The smallest and weakest one, he was clearly behind the others. When the litter was taken for their vet check and vaccinations, the little gaffer wasn’t even a pound. We did not vaccinate him thinking we would wait until he gained more weight and was stronger.. ..but he didn’t..he did not grow…he was poorly coordinated and couldn’t walk very far. Little Squeakers spent most of the time sleeping.

Even with all the intensive intervention, little Squeakers slipped quietly away in Ruth’s arm. We grieve with the family but are so glad that he had a chance to live…that he wasn’t placed in a wire cage and transported to the clinic along with other frightened cats who wondered what they did wrong and why their families rejected them, nor sense the sour smell of panic around him, then feel a needle that would take his breath away….

Rather we are thankful Squeakers had a chance to be wanted, to experience humans who cared, feel love and joy, hear laughter, be involved in the activities of the family. He experienced more love in his short little life than so many other furry souls have in a lifetime.

Thank you, Ruth.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Rest in peace sweet little Squeaker……….thank you to Ruth for showing him love before he passed on. I loved the little tiny one myself….just from his photo.
    May you run and play, strong and free, knowing how many loved you!

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