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Sorry to be so quiet. Was sick – thank the Lord for OHIP.  Still am not back in the saddle. The Kitty Kare team carried on, adopting, answering inquiries, organizing….and I’m boggled trying to catch up to some degree.   Sorry to say they were also “in the dark” but respected my need for privacy…geesh – even some of my dearest friends didn’t know what was going on  – privacy yes and hate to worry people….so why am I relating this on a public blog? Go figure….

Not that it was an issue but times like these gives us pause to think about our wills. I know I just updated mine and will review it again. Also of concern would be who would look after the furbabies?  I need to put things down on paper…actually it behooves us all to be prepared.  Not to be fatalistic, but you never know and given the times, even more important that we prepare so as to lighten the load of loved ones.

Paperwork which I am largely responsible for, is piling up and I apologize to donors awaiting receipts and adopters awaiting adoption packages. I will try to get them out as soon as I can. The newsletter is weighing on my mind as well as an application for another lottery license…..

Have a couple of stories to relate which you would enjoy but not now.  Hope you are keeping well.


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