So rewarding to foster a rescue

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We are happy to have foster applications on hand. However it’s not easy to find the right placement. Most of our fosters have resident cats so we like to place kittens there. However the kittens tend to be adopted out quickly as we showcase them at Pet Valu (Dawson and Golf Links)  – moving them from buffer to the store.  If they are not adopted within a time period, we place them into foster homes. That leaves older kittens (too big to showcase in the cages at the store) and cats remaining in buffer homes unless there is a foster with no pets where we know the placement will work.

We depend on our fosters to not only house our rescues but to love them and earn their trust. Some need time after the trauma of being abandoned, caged in a stressful environment of Animal Services and then crated and moved into a buffer home. Most adjust quickly – happy to be safe and warm. It is hard not to get attached. In fact most of our fosters do, so saying good-bye sometimes brings tears. Such was the case this week when Eddie was adopted. His foster mom was happy that he had a forever home but had grown to love him. We make sure we let our fosters know how their rescues are fairing once adopted. There is joy in knowing the cat is safe, settled and happy. Foster parents save lives…..and there is always another that needs them.

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