Sleepless in Thunder Bay

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A flurry of adoptions on the weekend as a litter of kittens found their forever home. It was the culmination of weeks of emailing, checking our waiting lists and email/phone calls back and forth confirming or crossing off/adding names. We double check amongst lists we all keep.

Anxious families awaited their arrival as Shelley drove them into town. Contracts signed, kitties in arms, “ooos and awwwws’….and to think these babies were to be killed.

Vet appointments for a spay and more kittens needing second set of vaccinations….and we received a few foster applications from people with no pets which makes it easier to place our fosters. We’re hoping to move the kittens’ mom into town after her spay and another from a buffer house to open a space… and we have a potential adoption this week.

We also refused another adoption – not easy to do as none of us want to disappoint anyone. Although we take lists for first come and answer all adoption inquiries, we still look for the best possible match. Kitty Kare is the advocate and guardian for cats in our care and we have high but reasonable standards for their welfare and happiness. The cats trust us. That’s what sometimes causes us sleepless nights.

We have some space in buffer homes if we do some ‘juggling’ so we notified Animal Services early this week. We received notice this morning of 22 cats that will be euthanized. We have until tomorrow by 8:00 a.m. to notify them as to who we can pull and need to pick them up by the next day 5:00 p.m.

Another flurry of texts and emails, trying to figure out who we can move, where they can go and hoping fosters will be available to take some that are in buffer and ready. If they are unable, we will try to have a plan B. Another sleepless night for a different reason. We know we can’t save them all but we want to!

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  1. Lorraine says:

    OMG! I don’t know how you all do this ……seeing the faces and having to “choose” the lucky ones… are all such amazing people for doing this, day in and day out. Continuing to keep the kitties safe and alive 🙂

    • Kitty Kare says:

      Thanks Lorraine. Ordinarily Animal Services will tell us who is going to be euthanized unless we can pull them. There are times however when KK goes into the Stray Room when we have a few spaces and that’s when we have to make some hard decisions. Usually Alex, Marlys and Carol go and look and identify those we can pull. The majority are pets – not feral – many kittens, pregnant moms.

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