Roller Coaster

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More panic. New foster was going out of town on Saturday.  Who would take mom and babies? How will we manage the move before then? Frantic texting, emailing, posting, sharing….

Little kitten wasn’t doing well. Seizures had stopped but she was disoriented and had physical deficits.  Texting with foster. Decided to give her time hoping she would improve; then hard decision made. We had to be kind. It would be this afternoon. When l picked up mom for her spay in the morning,  l hoped l wouldn’t see the little mite but l did. She looked so fragile and disheveled. .. innocent, curious yet brave little face…one bright eye slightly turned in. Mom wound around as if to embrace her. I approached. Mom stood between me and the baby. No aggression. Just declaring her love.

Picked up mom and placed her in the carrier to take her for her surgery. She cried not because she was afraid. She cried for her baby. She didn’t want to be separated.

The kitten was brought to the vet when mom was picked up after her spay.  The baby was gently released from her failing body and joined others in that joyful place, who, even though they were rejected by some, were welcomed and deeply loved. Yes we have had to say goodbye to a few over the years….babies, adults….and it never gets easy.

Mom arrived home, eagerly looked for her baby and finding her gone, cried for her.

Don’t worry sweet momma…know your baby is safe. She has traded her frail body for a new one. She is strong, beautiful and healthy.

Text received…foster home found! Another staff member at the clinic so we won’t have to do the move.

Roller coaster.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Oh how my heart hurts for the ones that don’t make it. They did not ask to be brought into this sometimes harsh world. People that allow their pets to go unaltered and creating litter after litter of unwanted and tossed away babies are to blame!
    That leaves this extremely difficult decision up to Kitty Kare, or other rescue folk to suffer with the heartbreak of letting one go………….it breaks my heart…..and I know it does yours as well.
    So very sorry that this falls on you….and sorry for your loss.
    Rest in peace little one and run and play now with the others that are there waiting to embrace you.

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