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“Feel the city breaking and everybody shaking, we’re staying alive…staying alive….ha ha ha ha stayin’ alive.”  Bee Gees 1977

Well the kittens are staying alive but our hearts are breaking and everyone is shaking – and not sleeping……… We’re worried about the tiny ones. We continue to humidify the room and clean their nostrils to ensure they can breathe. This brings back memories of Reba – I wrote about her before. Her babies were the same age and one by one they all died. Babies cannot nurse without being able to breathe through their little noses.  I curse that virus. Grey white mom trusts us to help her babies and there is little we can do but wait and watch. We feel so helpless.  Helpless.

Kittens taken yesterday are doing well but are being closely monitored. Momma is hardly eating but at least she has stopped vomiting. She was given some meds to help her with her appetite. Her eyes are being affected by the virus now but we can’t treat her until she has started eating as one of the side effects of the antibiotic is loss of appetite. So disheartening. She is such a sweet affectionate girl. How maddening that she was tossed aside.

I’m first shift tomorrow morning and I’m dreading what I might find.

But let’s not walk away from the blog on a sad note. Let’s be thankful that Babette who has been in foster care since March 29, 2014 was adopted tonight by a lovely young woman. Babette who resembles our momma, was another little girl, abandoned when she was pregnant. She gave birth in Kare and all her babies were healthy and adopted. Now it was her turn to have her very own home. Thanks to Alyssa and her family for loving her… so there! “ha ha ha ha stayin alive”  – we shall overcome – what’s with all the songs??

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Tis morning and I hope the theme song of “Stayin Alive” still rings true! I don’t know how anyone could just toss away a furry family member!!! There are lots of things about animals and humans that I will never understand. One thing I do know for certain is that the people of Kitty Kare care so deeply for the cause that it literally becomes their life when need be. I have seen it many times and I support them with all my heart! When the little ones don’t make it, it’s like a piece of you has gone with them. Ferocious rescuers they are….with all their mite!!!
    Stay strong furry ones…..you have so much love already 🙂

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