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Rescue has been rolling along with inquiries, adoptions and vet appointments. We received notice of a senior and some kittens that were next to be euthanized. Ordinarily we receive a list of cats along with their descriptions/ages, first thing in the morning. We have 24 hours to respond as to whether we can take them or they will be ‘sent’; then we have to pull them the following day. This time we were given a grace period as we did not receive notice til later in the day.

The senior is a purebred Persian – what a face and such a lamb. Alex gave her a lion cut as she was full of mats. I met her at the clinic as we took Gracie (black momma) for a check up. Gracie’s eyes are still not looking great so we were prescribed some meds.

Delivered some meds for little Julie. Julie sleeps with her foster, craddled under her arm. What a sweet heart….Our kittens are almost ready to go and we’re going through our wait lists and double checking to ensure people who inquired are still interested.  Spay/neuter on Wednesday with early morning pick up in Lappe and in town….We also have an Adoption fair his weekend so I’m trying to figure out how many crates, supplies etc. we need and who is available to pick up fosters. We’re hoping to have about 10 cats there.  It’s always a debate as to who to bring as some of the older cats do not do well in a busy environment. However they do need a chance to be showcased and we do our best to make it low stress.

For the first time, we will try to sell our tee shirts and cards, Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Not sure how that will go but figure it’s worth a try. We’ll lug the crates and the tubs of supplies (towels, beds, food and water dishes, litter boxes, sheets to cover crates) on Friday so we’re ready to rock and roll on Saturday.  Plans are in place as to where our rescues will move when their student fosters leave for home this week and next.

And now my mind drifts back to the senior Persian – oh what a face on that girl….. I adopted a rescue that was a Persian and Blanche reminds me so much of Satarah. Satarah only lived for a few years and I miss her. She was so very fearful at first, hiding downstairs but gradually learned to trust…she made me laugh every day with that mug of hers and her frog-like voice….. I’ve always wanted another Persian but but but………………. Is eight enough????  maybe not????

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  1. Lorraine says:

    I am not a part of your rescue, but even just “looking” at the pictures of the kittens/cats that are available on your webpage makes me want them ALL!
    I remember talking to a lady that had 18 tuxedo cats! Eight is nowhere near that!!! Just sayin’ 🙂

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