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What else can I say…..Just when we think things are going well and can enjoy watching the new little ones grow……a call from caregivers Tricia this morning and then Lyn on the later shift, confirmed that one of the moms in the buffer home, stopped eating.

Lyn dashed out to purchase some sardines, returned and gave her a slurry of the fish and KMR (kitten milk replacer). Thankfully, she ate it – the mom, not Lyn….gotta laugh….and I’m weary. I digress…anyways it’s one of our tricks to get cats to eat…nothing more smelly than sardines – but we’re worried about her babies. We’re not sure she’s nursing them.

My turn for cat care tomorrow morning. We’ll see if she will eat more and perhaps take some high calorie food/recovery that I have here for one of my boys. Maybe the kittens will be tempted to try some soft food too – let’s hope or we’ll have to start bottle feeding. Carol will meet me there to help and make some decisions about what we need to do next.

The other week-and-a-bit old kittens may be suffering from the virus which is affecting their eyes. Mom seems to be sneezing less and is eating but her babies are a concern. Not good. Not good at all. We’ll try some eye meds and hope for the best but experience has taught us that we need to prepare ourselves…not optimistic…feeling sad.  Poor little gaffers.

We’ll see what the morning brings. A sleepless night.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    All I can say is, this is so sad. Such difficult times for rescue people and the ones that need saving. My heart breaks for all. Sending positive thoughts to all….sending strength and love to the little mamas and babies……:)

  2. carrie says:

    Prayers for kitty kare fosters and rescues…much love sent your way

  3. Emily says:

    Thinking about you guys and the mom and kittens. It just doesn’t seem fair when the babies are sick. I sure hope they pull through. Sending big hugs.

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