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Got a foster home for the 4 kittens thanks to help from another foster family. Contacted and organized the move, loaded more supplies and purchased food.  Kittens will be at the clinic. Should be an easy day – pick them up, drop them off.  Text received.

Female young adult that was pulled last week also has to move.  Dad is allergic. She is at clinic. 

Where are we going to put her? Stall and think….Returned a phone message. Woman wanted to foster.  A god send but we still needed a foster home for mom and 2 babies that had to be pulled today. Where to put them?

Texted Alex. She called the woman about the mom and babies but when I told her she was a senior we knew it would be a challenge for her so we will place the female young adult with her. She’ll spay her first…the cat that is 🙂

Appointments were booked  til 6:00 so Alex would not be able to pick up the mom and babies from Animal Services before they close at 4:30. She tried contacting Marlys and Carol but none were available. I had to deliver the 4 kittens and couldn’t do it myself,  when I thought – Jennifer!  Jennifer is another faithful, wonderful volunteer and when I called her, she was willing to get them.  Arrangements were made to pick them up from AS and bring them out to the clinic…but who would foster them? Think. Think.

I loaded up the 4 kittens and on my way out, asked one of the clinic staff if she would foster mom and babies. T agreed!!

More texts flying  back and forth as I drove out to the new foster home…..pulled over – not to worry.

T needs a crate though.

Ask Jenn to pick one up at my place before heading out to drop off.

Jenn picked up a crate thinking I had left it out for her but it was one that I had loaned out and had not been disinfected. 

Okay Jenn picked up a crate left outside.

Oh oh, that crate is kinda small and not disinfected tho.  

Dropped off the supplies and 4 kittens to new foster in Riverdale. Drove back home. Ahhhhh….If I drank I would have a stiff one.

Okay I am home. Is T working tomorrow so I can bring out a bigger crate for her?

No…and she lives 20 minutes from the clinic.

Okay will bring out the big crate.

Got my neighbour to help me load and drove it out.  Home at 6:30. Phone call.

Hey how are you?

Oh fine……

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