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Placements were sorted out yesterday so it wasn’t the sleepless night that I anticipated. Melatonin was on standby. Some brainstorming this morning to figure out moves and thankfully a foster was available today to receive a little one and one of us was available to do the pick up and delivery.  Moving the kitten today will allow buffer mom to sanitize the room to receive a mom and her litter tomorrow. We’re thankful that our fosters are so flexible.

Another person told us that she follows the blog. Really? Get out! I’m surprised but delighted that people actually read it. That’s 2 that I know of but that’s great! It is a form of therapy for me, talking about the day but I thought I talked to ‘the air’. She said she was praying for the sick kittens. That touches my heart to know that people care so much. The kittens did survive and we have an adoption inquiry about one and the rest will be moved to a foster home tomorrow to make room in another buffer home.

Sadly the mom didn’t survive. We decided to let her go shortly after the intensive intervention. She was a beautiful girl.

A sweet little lady sends us a card every month. A valentine card was received yesterday. She always includes a note of encouragement and a five or ten dollar bill tucked inside. We so appreciate her humble, quiet, kind support.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Oh boy!! It is heartwarming to know that more people care…..about you and about the kittens and their moms! So sorry to hear that the mama kitty did not make it 🙁
    Sometimes out in this harsh world, they are tossed out in the cold to fend for themselves and at a young age to become pregnant! So important to consider that into the cost when deciding whether or not you can afford a kitten into your home. SPAY/NEUTER EVERYONE! Some of these sad situations could be prevented and the kitty does not have to suffer needlessly! THANK GOODNESS for Kitty Kare and everything they do……NEMO IS ADORABLE!

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