Kitties To Adopt

Below you will find all the cats and kittens that are ready to be adopted. They are in foster homes.

  • Cole

    Posted 12/29/17 -  11 weeks male; needs a patient family, loves to be cuddled, would be best in a home with another friend as he wants to play with foster's own cat; UTD vaccinations and rabies

  • Miley

    2 year old spayed female; such a sweet girl who needs a quiet home where she can blossom as she has done in her foster home; UTD vaccinations and rabies

  • Blitzen and Comet

    Posted 1/20/18 -  14 weeks females; very bonded, so would like them to be adopted together; UTD vaccinations and rabies

  • Rosslyn

    Posted 1/09/18 - 14 weeks female; ball of energy, lives with cats, greets visitors, friendly, plays and plays and falls asleep in foster's arms; UTD vaccinations RESERVED

  • Momma

    Young spayed female; gentle, happy, quiet, tidy, cuddles and sleeps with foster, purr fect companion for all ages

  • Presley

    Posted 10/22/17 - 6 month neutered male, beautiful, sweet, doesn’t like to be pet yet, but likes when spoken to, loves watching TV, with patience he’ll learn to trust; UTD vaccinations and rabies

  • Licorice

    young neutered male; laid back relaxed fellow, loves pets and scratches, loves to explore, best in quiet adult home, gets along with Gavin, Leif and Addison; UTD vaccinations and rabies

  • Rolo

    adult spayed female; sweet, lives with dog, lived with children and cats; UTD vaccinations and rabies

  • Janey

    10 months spayed female; likes her toys and scratching post, loves to sit in the window, cuddle and chat; UTD vaccinations and rabies