It’s New Years Eve

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An adoption today – love it – another “foster failure” which we like to call it – when a foster falls in love with their little charges and cant bear to let them go…and another on Saturday!  Donations arrived via Pay Pal and snailmail so letters and receipting started. Running around today when supplies were needed by a foster which included a run to the pet store and back, as I purchased puppy formula instead of kitten. That’s the second time I did that….that’s what I get for rushing.

An email from the paper asking questions for an article about our Aviva win needed answering right away so tap tapping on the computer to include background info – editting, rewriting, proofing…my shoulders ache. Did it make sense?

Course my email pooched… I know we’re a cat rescue but can’t think of a ‘cat’ play on words….which caused some grief as the newsletter needs to go out tomorrow but thankfully I figured out a way to send using the old laptop. Now it’s time to walk away from KK work and get some New Years prep done – or maybe a nap 🙂  and hope that the phone doesn’t ring.

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