It’s Almost Christmas

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It’s been a while since I’ve tapped anything. With December upon us we had a number of events we attended in order to take advantage of Christmas shoppers. We missed the deadline for applying for a grant and we didn’t get into our usual Christmas venue so we needed to find alternatives.

We attended the Murillo tack sale, Prince Arthur and Gorham and Ware School craft sale. A lot of lugging around of our display and fundraisers but our volunteers were great and although we didn’t raise a lot of money, it was an opportunity to keep our rescue out in front.

We were delighted to meet a couple new to the area at one event who ended up adopting one of our rescues, so attending the sale was very worthwhile.

We had planned out who was taking which foster as our students are leaving this week but with a few adoptions, we had to re-organize. Didn’t mind at all and our fosters are gracious being so flexible – “you’re getting M, oh, no you’re not now, oh yes you are.” Plan A, Plan B and Plan C.

Draw for the raffle this week, letters thanking businesses for their generosity in donating Gift Certificates and Christmas cards being written to those who allowed us to sell KK goods or have a donation container on their counters.

Some inquiries about a “few long timers” but no follow through….a forever home for them this Christmas would be the best gift. With Christmas fast approaching, we trust it will be a quiet one: A Silent Night. Holy Night. All is calm, all is bright.

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