It was a dark and stormy night

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It was a dark and stormy night….not really but didn’t know how to start this blog.

It actually was a nice sunny day and pleasant drive, when Bernard had his bandage change last week. Not a peep out of the bewildered little guy as he sat wide eyed in his crate. Picked up some organic honey which is known to have both healing and antiseptic properties and the vet applied that to his wound. Taking him again today for another bandage change.

The necrotic issue – eeeyouuuu – continues to slough off and good news – there is healthy tissue underneath! We’re hoping that he will continue to heal and avoid surgery.

One buffer mom returned tanned and relaxed after a holiday down south. We were prepared to pull more last week to “fill up” her home but one of the cats was still showing signs of upper resp. Seems like it was quite a virulent strain and we couldn’t take any chances infecting any others.

We’re hoping to pull another mom and litter today and anticipate being able to pull more this week now that the cat has recovered.

Another buffer mom has left for holidays so we’re doing cat care twice a day. Resident cats, fosters and two moms with litters.

One of the moms with week old babies is sneezing. We’re so hoping she didn’t contract upper resp as that will be deadly for her kittens. We’re treating her with lysine which boosts immune systems and trust that the kittens have enough natural immunity from mom’s colostrum/milk. Thankful that they’re all nursing off their moms.

Okay….off to pick up Bernard for his bandage change and by the way….it IS a dark and hopefully, not stormy day today in Thunder Bay so that title kinda works………

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Oh I just love reading your blog!! I look every single day to see if there is a new story for me to read. Hoping for little Bernard to be happy and healthy so he can move on to a forever home real soon. Also
    hoping that all the kittens and their Mama’s are okay and all survive if the upper resp. runs through their little families. Also hope that all the humans that make up Kitty Kare stay healthy & happy because the little, innocent ones depend on them terribly for their survival.
    God bless all of you for what you do 🙂

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