It was a dark and stormy morning

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The culmination of a long week, the yard sale on Saturday was a success. Our supporters were fabulous – donating all sorts of good quality gently-used items which took hours and hours to sort. Thankfully 2 volunteers donated hours of their time to help: Laura and Ken’s help was priceless and I didn’t feel so overwhelmed looking at the stacks of boxes.

The predicted rain arrived and I was up at 5 trying to get the rain off the sagging tents. If someone was filming it would have been a Laurel and Hardy episode…bringing poles to prop up the collapsed center, lugging ladders and brooms to get up high enough to push and pull the fabric so the accumulated water would spill off…..standing on the wrong side and getting soaked. Believe me I wasn’t laughing but in the re-telling, Ken and I had tears picturing the episode!

7:00 arrived along with cheery fresh-faced experienced yard sale volunteers who got right down to work: helped move sorted goods to the tables, lug more tables and set up.  It is always so rewarding seeing everyone pull together. My heart soared….somehow getting soaking wet and shivering together is a bonding experience – and of course laughing (more like hysterical laughter).   🙂   No one ‘abandoned ship’ despite the weather and work…. ….and then one of our supporters arrived with pizza and hot coffee! I think we all were just so energized by such thoughtfulness.

I had to leave early – felt badly – and left instructions for take down. When I arrived home 4 hours later, everything was packed up and put away…everything organized.  I could hardly believe it. A few of the same volunteers are returning this week to take bags of garbage, make a dump run, help take down tents. Terry who dressed up in a cat outfit for the sale, told me to call him if I needed any help.

So Kitty Kare is not just the Board. Kitty Kare is you. Kitty Kare is each donor; each volunteer who gives up their time to help with events that requires hard hands-on work; events that aren’t flashy, glamorous or necessarily fun 🙂

The yard sale was not just to raise funds….it was an opportunity for people to show their support, to be involved and contribute and for us to be reminded, yet again, that we do not do this job alone; we have supporters who stand beside us and who appreciate all we do for the cats.

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