Happy Ending

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This  weekend was a bit of an emotional roller coaster.  After putting a cat into foster care and warning the foster of the cat’s desire to escape outside, I got a call that evening asking if there was financial liability to loosing a cat.

What? The foster couldn’t find the cat and wondered if it had escaped. I told him I would call first thing in the morning. Despite the sleeping pill, I prayed and worried all night about the little one being outside in the cold and totally disoriented. Fortunately, the cat was found in the basement.

We are happy to have several adoptions and inquiries this past week. Visits, pick ups, etc. are being coordinated. Good thing there are 5 of us. Rescue work can be a full time job.

We celebrate the adoption of all our rescues but were delighted that 5 year old Missy found her forever home!  When we removed her from Animal Services in March, we discovered she had a gum tumour. Thankfully it was benign and monitored by foster mom, Ruth and her wonderful family.  Missy attended several adoption fairs and appeared on our monthly adoption posters but she was always passed by.

At last a wonderful woman adopted Missy. She saw beyond her health issue and fell in love. She knew Missy needed her. We were thrilled to tears. Missy waited 9 months and she couldn’t have asked for a better mom.  This once rejected little girl is now living in a beautiful home.  She is looking out the window surveying the cityscape and the Sleeping Giant – luxuriating in her forever mom’s love.


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