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Despite the loss this week, we were happy to save one.

I received a phone call from an adopter complaining about her cat’s persistent condition which lasted over a year.  After some investigation, it became clear that his condition was not caused by what she described. The adopter was not providing the care required.  Not only is this a breach of our Adoption contract but to think that our little rescue was suffering needlessly just tears at our hearts.  Did he not suffer enough when his first family rejected him and left him alone?

Thankfully there was no argument when we told her we would take the cat. She did want her adoption donation back so we looked up our records and refunded her when Alex picked him up.  He was well fed but needed care.  Later as I reviewed the contract with the intent to include ‘non refundable’ in the event this happened again, I discovered I was better than I thought. 🙂  The wording was already there.  The money wasn’t important.  We were just so happy to have the cat back.  We had to scramble to find someone who could care for him as he heals.

We will ensure he’s nursed back to full health and find him the home that he deserves and can meet his needs.  Latest word is that he is adjusting to his foster home and is doing well….bless his little heart.


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  1. Lorraine says:

    Oh, so happy to know that kitty is safe and sound and is getting the care that he needs and deserves. I just find it hard to believe that one could turn a blind eye to a family member in need of care…….furry or not! Thank you Kitty Kare for all that you do 🙂

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