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We are pleased to receive another cheque through an RBC grant. I believe it’s $1000…I hope it is….and another photo shoot tomorrow. People will think we’re rolling in the dough or is it fresh cat litter?

Our bill on Friday was over $2000 and Marlys and I who pay most of the vet bills were carrying over $8000. The $5000 Aviva grant helped with paying down those bills. I’m meeting with another supporter who wants to do a fundraiser for us and the yard sale is coming up where we hope to make at least $600. A lot of work to pay for a few spays but it’s one of the few that we do ourselves. We just can not manage doing our own what with the demands of the rescue….time, thoughts and energy – both physical and mental. Speaking for myself, even though I might have the time, my ‘get up and go has got up and went’ so every penny is appreciated.

Several kitties were adopted last weekend and most follow up calls made. Sunny day yesterday here in TBay, but with activity planned today, cards were written, letters done, vaccination records double checked – all sealed up and ready to go. Wasn’t too bad with a Star Trek marathon on the telly in the background! Never noticed before how often McCoy (Bones) said “God #@mn it, Jim!”

“Live long and prosper.”

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all……whether it be mom to a human or furry baby!

    If you can donate to Kitty Kare, every little bit helps……

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