Information About Fostering

We can only save cats if there are foster homes in which to place them. When you foster, you save a life. We are deeply saddened to see the number of cats in the Stray Room at Animal Services, waiting to be killed. We feel helpless and frustrated that we cannot save them all. By opening your home and agreeing to foster, you will save a life.

A foster home provides a temporary home for rescued cats and kittens until they are adopted. Foster homes are needed year round. As a foster home you provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment and we provide all the necessary supplies: litter, food, etc. We also cover all the veterinary expenses. There is no financial commitment.


I have pets in my home. Is that a problem?
You will need a room in which to house the foster cat to properly transition/introduce to your resident pets. After a period of time, the foster can mingle with your pets. Resident cats must be fully vaccinated to protect both resident and foster cats.


What if I smoke?
Cats suffer from the effects of second hand smoke. We require that our foster homes be smoke free.


What cats would I be fostering?
Typical foster care situations involve the care of older kittens up to one year or an adult cat.  Very rarely do we require fosters for kittens as they are adopted out quickly from the buffer home. We do ask on the Foster Application what age of cat you would prefer to foster. Although we try to accommodate your preferences, we ask that you be flexible as at times it is a matter of saving a life.


Can I let it outside?
In compliance with the city by-laws, cats are to be kept indoors. If allowed outside, they must be on a leash under your supervision.


How long would I foster the cat?
The time commitment varies, depending on the individual situation. If you are fostering a pregnant cat, you would care for her and the litter until the kittens are ready to be adopted. You would foster a cat until the cat was adopted.


When would I be called?
Although we may call on our foster homes year round, spring is when there is an influx of litters and orphaned young. Having foster home forms on file helps us to place these rescues into homes as soon as they are finished their quarantine time (where they are monitored to ensure they are healthy before placement into foster homes). However, you may be contacted at any time depending on our needs. As well, some foster families may need interim care for their foster while they vacation, for example. Temporary placement is sometimes needed.


What is the adoption protocol for fostered cats?
We post photos of the cats in foster care on our website, Facebook and Adoption posters located in over 20 locations in the city. If there is interest in your foster cat, you will be contacted. Kitty Kare would pick up the foster and bring it to its potential forever home for a visit. If it is not an appropriate placement, the cat will be returned.


I don’t know if I would be able to give up my foster.
Some people do not want to foster for fear of falling in love and not wanting to give up their foster. We have had fosters who decide to adopt their foster while others acknowledge that although it is hard to say good-bye, the reward is knowing they have saved a life by opening their home. Our fosters can attest that there is joy in knowing that their once discarded little foster cat has a forever home, is loved and is making a difference in the life of the adopter.


What happens if my own pet gets sick and I feel it contracted the illness from the foster?
In order to participate in the foster program, all your cats must be fully vaccinated. Before you take in a foster, you will be informed as to what precautions (if any) are needed. If your cat becomes sick it is your responsibility to take your own animal to your veterinarian. Any costs incurred will be your responsibility.


Is there any risk of my family picking up a disease from a cat I’m fostering?
It is highly unlikely. Proper hygiene is essential when handling the cats.


I would be able to care for a foster that requires treatment before adoption.
Medications and vet instructions will be given to you if you wish to care for a cat that has a treatable condition or is recovering from surgery. Indicate your desire on the Foster Application.


If you are interested in fostering, please fill in the FOSTER APPLICATION FORM
(click here to download it) and email to or mail a hard copy to:

Kitty Kare
745 N. James Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7C 5M7