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I know I know…..was reminded by a friend and supporter that I had not written a blog for a looooooong time. Now that Christmas is done, I will tap-tap some words. Previous Christmases there were urgent calls but this year, it was peacefully quiet – sorta. Emails still come in and need to be answered and visits organized….Carol did adoptions on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day while a foster adopted out a cat on Christmas Day! The family wanted to meet another cat after meeting Cecil and made their decision. Jon even dropped off the signed adoption contract Christmas morning. Talk about dedication. We are blessed to have wonderful fosters.

November and December were busy with our fundraising events and raffle. It is such a process to organize the raffle but we got the license, the tickets printed and distributed to venues and to our amazing volunteers. Tubs were filled and loaded with our fundraisers and displays and lugged to 8 craft sales – yes 8 events. I should be 98 lbs and muscle bound!  🙂  Not fun in the freezing cold and pitch black to get to sites to set up though. One Saturday I spent sitting in the car at 7 a.m., while waiting for the plow to dig out parking spaces at the craft sale site… I wondered what the heck I was doing! – it was the same blizzardy morning the Dome collapsed. So thankful for our volunteers who gave up those busy Saturdays in December to help. We could not do all those sales without their help.

Were we tired?- you betcha! – we work hard to fund raise even though people are so generous with donations. We work together to raise funds…one day we hope to have a Kitty Kare Rescue and Adoption Centre. As we age 🙂  and tire, we dream of how easier it would be to have a place. This place would house our rescues in a cage free environment, our food and foster supplies and crates/kennels.

Oh and the raffle? As I was separating out over 3000 ticket stubs for the draw, it was just so heart warming to read the names of everyone who purchased tickets. They were so familiar – adopters, donors, fosters, friends.  Made me smile to know so many people support the work. …and for you who read with interest, this blog!


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