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Friday night.   Wouldn’t you know it. The weekend – plans and commitments. Beautiful weather.  Three of us are out of town…”oh don’t worry. …things will be fine”….and then….

A foster reports one of the 2 placed with her isn’t getting along. Called a new applicant. I forgot to ask if she smokes. More phone calls. All is good. Coordinated pick up and drop off for tomorrow – text and phone calls flying back and forth. Will also pick up Marlys who will help me lug supplies to the 4th floor apartment. Gathered some in preparation.

Good…all is settled. I can relax now…but another phone call.  Kitty Kare cat was rehomed but the new owner doesn’t want her. Have to move her.  Emailed the woman to find out her schedule for pick up time and emailed a new foster. Hope the foster is available and willing and we can find a time that works for both on Monday.  No reply from the woman with the cat. Will phone in the morning.  Can’t do the move Saturday. Have the other move and have to drive to the other end of town to feed cats in buffer home and need time for my own commitments.

Rescue can take over your life. You can start to resent it as you have little control over your time.  I just finished this entry when the phone rang again. Late night call with apologies. Lorraine made the follow up call to an adopter and was concerned. Sent text and emails to buffer….”Call Lorraine ASAP”….what to do? Came up with a Plan A and plan B. Emails and texts to buffer and fosters.

Tonight is a night where I feel like I want to quit. Sometimes it’s just too much juggling, too stressful – things that need to be dealt with ASAP…. and another foster has diarrhea. The cat that is…. I gave away my canned pumpkin. Hope it’s resolved…don’t have the energy to run to the groc store for more.

Will be glad when the team starts to return to town. Hope they are refreshed and ready to take up the torch.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the rescue world can sometimes be soooooooo heartbreaking………in both good and bad ways! It can also wear you down to a nub, break you financially…..emotionally make you a mess……..and then along comes that one kitten, or sometimes it is an adopter or even a youngster that wants to save a kitty….and you fall back in line. It is a very, very hard road any which way you look at it or deal with it. It is what it is!!!

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