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Here we go again with song titles but thought of it as I was driving back and forth and back and forth and back and forth with vet runs for spays this week. We delayed a spay on one little girl and had her done the next day just in case. All is well. She is a precious little beautiful mom.

…but aren’t they all? Several inquiries this week and anxious adoptive families as another litter of kittens get ready to be vet checked and vaccinated. We want to make sure all our cats go to the right home. This week there was an adoption inquiry about one of our boys. We confirmed after speaking with the fosters, that it wasn’t a good fit. We suggested another feline and the adopter is happy to meet the girl that we think will be better suited.

We also spent a lot of time dealing with inquiries from a potential adopter. The individual used different names – spelling the name incorrectly in 2 different emails and using different email names and  2 phone numbers….all raising our suspicions. We have refused to adopt out to her several times before and have spoken to her to explain why. She has also attended adoption fairs despite our refusal. It is a sad situation but as I’ve stated several times before, we are never in a hurry to adopt out our rescues and now we question many inquiries.

Emails and phone calls…we never know who is serious but try to answer every one. Messages left but some inquirers are not returning phone calls – busy or no longer interested?  How long do we wait until we contact the next person on the list who has expressed an interest?

Ahhhh a nice relaxing drive in the country might be in order.


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  1. Lorraine says:

    I thank you, the kitties thank you, for being careful about which humans you adopt out to! It is imperative that these felines, who have been dumped at least once already, be given THE BEST home that they so rightly deserve! No pet should suffer in hunger or in pain, or if they are lost or unwanted!
    People really need to get their act together and take advantage of all the options that are available to them for getting their pets altered! We should not have any unaltered pets wandering the streets.
    There is nothing so comforting as having a healthy, happy kitty in your life! They ease your stress, calm your life and kiss your tears!! Treat them with love and respect they deserve!

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