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We are blessed to have a board member and buffer mom who is a veterinarian. Alex joined the team last year and she’s probably wondering ‘what was I thinking?’ especially after yesterday.

Alex has been caring for a number of cats she pulled from Animal Services last week including the mom and litter which developed severe upper resp. Yesterday she brought mom and one of the sickest kittens to the clinic to insert a feeding tube, administer IV fluids and closely monitor.

While performing the procedure, mom flat lined – likely due to her weakened state and the anesthetic which depresses breathing. Controlled panic…vet techs, vets scrambled to save her…CPR for 10 minutes, adrenalin into the heart, oxygen mask …gone….then a heartbeat.

We also had an emerg run to pick up a rescue from a buffer home in Lappe. Buffer mom contacted us early morning; the little torti girl was not doing well. Alex picked up the email and called.

We always consult, never making a decision on our own if possible, especially this one. It was not a difficult decision however: the torti girl needed to be euthanized. She too was suffering from upper resp but struggling even more. Despite this, it is always emotionally charged especially for Alex whose life is dedicated to healing and saving lives.  We needed to be kind and let the little torti go.

Tricia softly sang to the little cat as she drove her in and carried her into the room prepared to receive her.  Little Torti was treated with the respect a living creature deserves and was gently escorted from this earth.  As with others, even though we do not know the rescues, we always shed tears – such was the case yesterday as Tricia drove home an empty car.

We are frustrated, saddened and angry that such a precious innocent little rescue was abandoned by her first family, rescued and developed such a severe case of upper resp despite buffer mom’s care. She never had a chance to find a family who would love her.

At the end of a long day booked solid with appointments, beginning with an emergency – a seizuring dog, Alex finished her charting, wrote prescriptions, returned phone calls. She loaded up mom and kitten, and headed home to her ‘sick orphanage’ as she calls it, gearing up to be buffer mom; cleaning litter boxes, feeding, watering and medicating her rescues.

Oh – and the cat with what we thought had a bladder infection, does…and is in heat…baaaadly in heat….and is living with Alex…in her bedroom so as not to expose her to the others with upper resp…another sleepless night despite the physical and emotional exhaustion.

She’s  amazing. Alex that is….. Absolutely amazing.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    OMG! Alex you are amazing! ! So true…….:)

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