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Got a phone call late last night from my painting contractor. She just found a small kitten and I was ready with my routine answer “sorry, we can’t take it….we take only those that are to be euthanized at Animal Services and only if we have space” but I listened as she went on.

She had heard what she thought was a bird or a baby crying and ignored it…but the crying persisted so she went to investigate.  She found a small kitten alone in the grass by a tree. She didn’t know what to do and called for advice.

Stores were closed but I did have some kitten formula and offered to bring it to her but she said she’d drive into town. While I waited for her, I looked through all my supplies and found just a nipple and a number of small syringes.  The dog announced her arrival.

She and her son brought in the little thing which looked about 1 – 2 weeks old, pale cream/white in colour and swaddled in a small box. The kitten looked surprisingly well despite not having any food for some time. A few of my one felines milled around us, hearing the little one’s cries.

Using a small syringe I showed them how to feed it. The little one took the milk and suckled on her son’s hand. We tried the nipple and I was pleased his sucking reflex was strong. I cautioned them however about the fragility of one so young and the need to feed every few hours but they were willing to do what they could to save it.

This morning…a phone call from James who had a mother cat that just had a baby. She lost her only kitten and was crying for it.  Her teats were full and he wondered if we had any kittens that needed a nursing mom……


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