Celebrating Five Years

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Tricia who is one of the administrators of our Facebook page asked us to think of some memories that we could share as we celebrate our Fifth Anniversary.

We had an Adoption Fair yesterday and as I stood back and watched the flurry of activity and KK at work, I smiled and thought of not the stories but the people – our donors, fosters and volunteers – without whom we would not be where we are today. What a blessing…each one has played such an important role – like the spokes of a wheel that together, move us forward…hey that’s not a bad metaphor eh?

One elderly lady apologized that she couldn’t foster but came just to donate to support the work – she couldn’t give much as she was a pensioner, she said, and I reluctantly took her donation at her insistence; our fosters who open their homes and love their rescues; adopters who share stories and photos of their KK cat – how that encourages us…and our volunteers – like Jennifer who is an experienced adoption fair volunteer. She is one of many who we can call on (we only needed one extra person yesterday)….and as I listened to KK explain to happy adopters as they reviewed the Adoption Contract, I thought of another volunteer who plays an integral role in the adoption process which is unique to Kitty Kare. Although not ‘out there’ on the front lines, she is very much a part of the KK team, working behind the scenes and quietly goes about her work. One of those unsung heroes – hey….there is that ‘spoke of the wheel’ metaphor again – okay…a stretch but think of a wagon wheel…unsung heroes…get it? ….cowboy days….Roy Rogers and Dale Evans…okay I’ll let it go.

With every adoption, a follow up phone call is made to ensure things are going smoothly and answer questions if needed. Cheryl was our initial follow up caller but a grandson filled her waking hours. Lorraine graciously took over and has she ever taken over.  She clarifies information for our paper trail, and she is another “Jackson Galaxy” – providing advice to our adopters whether it has to do with diet, health or behaviours.  If I have a question about who owns who and where, if I am missing information for my records, she is quick with the answer. Super organized, pays attention to detail, and dependable.

Lorraine, a kind soul, also has a very commanding voice when she wants to be – she used to call delinquent library patrons – and has made some difficult calls. She has a big heart for all our rescues and their families and celebrates with us with every adoption.

Yes.. lots of stories but it’s the people that we celebrate….these years have facilitated such wonderful friendships. Ones we value and appreciate.


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  1. Lorraine says:

    Oh oh……sniff, sniff, sniff! You have made me cry! Thank you Cindy but the verbal thank you is not required. The kittens and cats that are placed in loving homes is my thank you. Kitty Kare has many followers, supporters and volunteers. Until every single person knows about Kitty Kare …..don’t you ever, ever give up. In my perfect world, declawing would be against the law and Thunder Bay would be home to Kitty Kare’s Cat Sanctuary. …..somehow along with a low cost spay/neuter clinic…..perfect world 🙂

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