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Plans were made to move 2 of our long term fosters into town when we received an adoption inquiry. A new town foster mom was disappointed but happy that the boys might have a forever home.  Last check of email before meeting the country foster in a parking lot to pick up the boys – family emergency. The potential adopter wasn’t available until later in the day. Now what???

Moving the visit back a few hours meant that one of us wasn’t available.  There was a mad scramble to find another person to help with the adoption. We do have commitments and plans other than rescue – although sometimes it feels like rescue is our life. Thankfully one of us was available to help and the town foster was available. The boys were taken there for a few hours.

When the time arrived, the boys were picked up and brought to the potential adopter’s home. However, as what has happened before, it wasn’t the home for them. The adoption was refused and the boys were returned; a disappointed adopter but the boys are with town foster mom and will wait for the right forever home.

….made a trip to a buffer home to take our volunteer to get photos of the cats that are ready to be fostered/adopted out, dealing with inquiries and a set of kittens got their vet check and vaccinations.

Foster dad brought the litter and mom to the clinic. Shelley and Shane foster moms with litters and this last litter was not easy. Mom stopped feeding her babies so they had to bottle feed the litter of 6 around the clock and then wean them to solid food. It was a very stressful time trying to get them to drink from bottles, rubbing their tummies to make sure they urinated/defecated, cleaning them (mom refused to do that too – don’t blame her 🙂  and ensuring they were getting enough nourishment.

Foster mom and dad both work out of the home, have a busy family life with a barn full of animals and other pets and a little daughter, but they perservered….and all 6 survived. Kittens are healthy, well adjusted and ready for their forever homes.  Shelley and Shane swore they wouldn’t lose any….they didn’t want to break their record. They’ve fostered 50 now!!  I told you our fosters are amazing!


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  1. Lorraine says:

    Omg! What a fantastic blog this is! Heartwrenching and telltale of such GREAT people that Kitty Kare are …founders & fosters! Just amazing Shelley & Shane…50 fosters!! So beautiful!

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