Busy week despite slowing down

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The past week has been exhausting despite trying to wind down for the end of the year. Kitten/cat adoptions are halted and our time has been spent thanking and acknowledging businesses and other partners which support our work.

We did have vet appointments for kittens (vaccinations), another for a cat that was worrying a foster; pick up and delivery of milk formula for a litter whose mother stopped nursing,  moves to foster homes as student fosters go home for Christmas. Due to holiday schedules of fosters and our availability, we had a drop off/pick up in a parking lot one evening, 2 others where we didn’t get home til 10 at night and just today, a last minute rescue and vet assessment – with good results. We’re thankful that gas prices have gone down and the temperature has gone up!

I was reminded of another pick up. It is always a challenge to arrange a pick up for an adoption. Times and days when the foster is home, time and day when the adopter is available –  must be coordinated with KK’s availability. We are all volunteers with family, work, personal or other volunteer commitments.  This adopter wanted to meet the kitten at her work place so that was all arranged.

Arriving at the foster’s home, she greeted me in tears. I thought she was sad to see one of the kittens go but she was panicked. One kitten out of 4 was missing and she couldn’t find her. We searched and searched…the bedroom, tossed the comforter, looked under the bed, under the pillows, in the closet.  She wondered if she killed her when she lifted up the mattress to look in between it and the box spring. Was it squished between the bed and the wall? I reluctantly offered to look. Eeesh…..nothing. Whew.

Others in the litter sat watching us as the air grew tense with worry. Don’t worry…she has got to be somewhere.

Could she have gotten out of the bedroom? We looked in the other rooms, inside the bathroom, in the toilet – was afraid to look…did she get out a window?  She called her neighbour over and together the 3 of us searched the entire second floor. Returning back to the bedroom, we stood scratching our heads in bewilderment…….

and then…. we saw a lump on the bed…move…..the little bugger had crawled under the fitted sheet. Ripping it away, there she was with the most innocent look on her face…what is everybody so worked up about? Course foster mom scooped her up into her arms and we all hugged, this time with tears of joy.

I took a kitten to meet his adoptive mom. She wanted him, filled out the contract and when I asked for her donation (we have no set adoption fee – we ask for a donation which we put towards our out-of-pocket vet and foster care expenses) she mumbled a response. As she had adopted before I believed she understood the purpose of the donation and I could trust her. I returned the next day. She refused to give a donation saying that she saved his life and that was enough. She was offended that I would come to her place of work.

This has happened a few times before where we trusted people who said they would send the money or use Pay Pal. Since this last incident we now require that adopters give their donation at the time of adoption….and then our faith is renewed when we meet someone like a senior living on a fixed income who wanted to adopt. We brought the cat to her little apartment. She fell in love and she gave us a post dated cheque for 5 dollars, embarrassed and apologizing she couldn’t give more.

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