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Where does that saying come from? No matter…

Saturday morning…anticipate a quiet day after yesterday. Pour myself a nice cup of coffee. A friend calls it sludge so I got myself one of those Keurigs… Check rescue email. Another buffer mom was alarmed about one kitten which was very lethargic.  l was able to get an appointment at a clinic which also works with us. I have one hour. Threw on the clothes, brushed the teeth, grabbed the cell and purse and raced out the door. No make up – might scare someone but no matter. It took a good 25 minutes to get to the buffer home in the Murillo area.

With my 12 week old passenger in her crate, I roared back into town, watching the clock and for OPP –  if you follow the blog, I got pulled over before while transporting a rescue.

Traffic moved along despite the poor driving conditions and I pulled into the clinic lot with one minute to spare. Whipped on some lipstick – why? beats me. The vet wanted to keep the kitten to run tests and if necessary provide treatment. I would be called with the results; not the way I planned my day but cats dont get sick when it’s convenient for us.

Since it was my turn to look after the cats at the home where buffer mom is away, I made a stop there before hitting the drugstore to pick up more meds. It was a bit of a wait.

Thankfully the kitten’s condition was treatable and after paying the bill and clarifying directions for meds, l drove her back to her buffer home…this time at a more relaxed speed.

Buffer mom and family were relieved. Mom felt badly for all the trouble. No trouble!!! Our fosters/buffers are the best. They notice, they are alert to any changes and are quick to contact us. They care about their little charges and when they think something is wrong, we worry too. We would rather err on the side of caution.

Was good to get home and breathe.  Sitting back down at my desk with a cup of tea this time, I opened an envelope. It was a cheque from the executor of an estate. What a thoughtful gesture to be remembered in a Will. The donation covered the entire cost of vet care for the kitten plus additional meds and specialty food for a litter.

Then I opened our rescue email and see a paypal donation with the words “thanks for all you do”

Thank you! …we needed that.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    So much worry involved in a rescue……but there is no other way, to love these little ones is there? You are the BEST KK folk!!

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