Best laid plans…….again

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We had to resort to Plan B…rather, we had to create Plan B last night so more scrambling, brainstorming and keeping the electronic highways busy with emails, texts and phone calls. Moves were planned out with  moves today. It’s like playing dominos. If this works, then this can happen…..

More cats are being shuttled from buffer homes to foster homes along with all the supplies. We’re also moving all 22 rescues from Animal Services into buffer homes. Food and supplies are also dropped off. All of us are on the road or dealing with adoption inquiries.

Hope by tonight, all will be safely tucked in………….touch wood.


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  1. Lorraine says:

    22 saved ……you people rock!! I can just imagine the little faces of all the little kitties and cats..bless all of your hearts…….signed Henry, Albert and Luci 🙂

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