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Sorry…been quiet although rescue hasn’t. Been working on getting a raffle together. Didn’t realize there was so much work.  Kara and Risa did all the paperwork to apply for eligibility and then after we were approved, they applied for the actual lottery license.

No work required on our part – just our signatures but then we got busy. A short time line to get this raffle up and running, we scrambled to ask businesses for gift certificates. We were touched by the generosity of so many businesses who donated towards our ‘gift certificate tree.’ We are raffling off $1000 worth of gift certificates but we could have easily doubled that.

Emails back and forth to city hall as the ticket needed to have some changes before approval but when we got the license and everything was okayed, hallelujah!

We also learned we couldn’t just sell as many tickets as we thought we could but rather are limited. I had lined up over 20 wonderful volunteers and 7 locations in town to sell what we thought would be 3000 tickets. Turns out we could only sell 1500. That’s okay…we’ll know better next year.

This week will be busy – racing around distributing tickets, posters and displays. Great to know we have so many supporters and trust that we’ll be able to sell out!!  In case you’re interested, tickets are available at Pet Valu Dawson and Golf Links, Pet-tastic, Thunder Pet, Calico Coffee Shop and Investors Group.  $2.00 a ticket or 6 for $10

Imagine winning $1000 worth – your Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop. Yah re-gifting…..Jerry Seinfeld would be proud!


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