Awesome Fosters

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We are so blessed to have wonderful foster families. They are patient and caring and go “beyond the call.” When we receive inquiries about a particular cat, we ask our fosters about their rescue’s personality, habits and whether they are suitable for the family inquiring. Invaluable.

Some of our fosters welcome calls from potential adopters after we do the initial communication.  They answer questions about their fosters and also host visits from adopters. We do not require that of them but they do open their home knowing that their rescue would ‘show’ better in their home environment.

After our contact with potential adopters, this past weekend, 2 of our foster homes hosted visits and adopted out their rescues on their own. The 3rd foster even took his rescues to the home and adopted them out. We trust their judgment. We know they love their rescues and want them to go to the right home – a home where they will be cherished and loved.





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