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The beginning of the month is always busy with having to report the adoptions for the month to Animal Services and send out the newsletter. With different operating systems on a new and old laptop, it’s always nerve wracking. I wish I could figure out why things work on Publisher and sometimes not. Thankfully only one glitch today. The adoption poster will have to wait as I need a new photo of one of our spayed moms. Will get that later today and work on that.

And it will be Easter soon.  A time to pause and reflect.

We are still hoping our sick kittens will survive but celebrate the lives that we can save. We are able to pull a few more from Animal Services this weekend – one senior I believe. …who abandons their old cat??? and thankful that we had a few adoptions. Excited families.  Rewarding.

Little Bernard is doing well. Poor little guy didn’t want to get into his crate – he knew he was off to the vet again. His leg has almost completely healed and he has one more vet appointment and antibiotic injection. His adoptive family is so excited, his foster mom, sad. She grew to love him – who wouldn’t.

The adoptive family has children. The boys have been doing chores to save money for the adoption donation. Heart warming. Children learning the value of money, learning about responsibility….great parents, great life lessons.

All these little feline lives – once destined to be killed but now will have new life. Kinda like the miracle of Easter.


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  1. Lorraine says:

    This Kitty Kare blog made me cry! Sad to read that another kitten passed away this a.m. but also touched to read that Bernard is coming along and his human family cares enough to prepare their home for him. By sharing and being responsible pet owners, children will learn that kittens and puppies are not throw away pets. They are yours for a lifetime!! Be it good, bad, exciting or exhausting.
    They ask for such a little and give so much back in return. I could not imagine my life without my 3 funny felines. I love them soooooo much! Nothing I would not do for them…….and I’m pretty sure that they feel the same about me 🙂
    You are so right about this being a reflective time of year. Happy Easter to all. Human and feline alike.

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