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I have been feeling angry these days. Stories of abuse and neglect eat away at my soul. I have no patience and find it hard to control my temper but figure hey,  Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple so it must be okay – especially since we are temples but when it affects both you and those around you, it’s not a good thing.

We’ve had several requests from relatives whose parents or grandparents have died or are dying. They want us to take their relatives’ cats or they will euthanize them. I don’t get it. Yes there are many legitimate reasons as to why people must relinquish their pets but is euthanasia the only answer?  Do they not feel that this innocent cherished pet is a connection to their loved one? Can no one care for them even for a few days while the search continues for a home?  I don’t understand it…nor do I understand the cruelty.

I wrote of 2 stories of cruelty in our newsletter but there are sadly, several more that we do not speak of.  I can still see the suffering. How does someone do that to an innocent creature?  It fuels my anger.

Notice from Animal Services about more cats that are to be killed as their owners did not claim them.  We have no space. What is wrong with people? How does someone abandon 3 week old kittens?  Do we think that animals are as disposable as a coffee cup; that they have no feelings, feel no pain? Where is our humanity?  I think I hide the anger well but don’t realize how much it affects my psyche until I start welling up over a commercial on television. I know I need to get rid of the anger and frustration. To work it out.

Today I was putting up adoption posters and I saw a man walking slowly around in the parking lot of a vet clinic.  He was cradling his cat which was wrapped in a blanket, holding it tightly to his chest and kissing it tenderly on its little face. I wondered if he was saying good-bye and I welled up again… faith in humanity is restored if only for a moment.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    I feel your anger and I could scream when I see people that feel that their cat “needs” to go outside and run the neighborhood alone & at the grasp of cat haters, cars, disease and all kinds of terrible outcomes!!!! I even went so far as to post that question on a facebook lost pet site. And someone of course responded that cats that are “cooped up inside their whole life are not allowed to live and have no life!!!!!!” This same person had lost 3 cats in one day by simply opening the door and letting them outside and does not know where there went or what happened to them!
    It is just so sad!
    Today, a man and woman were charged with killing a dog!!! Why……why……why?????
    How I wish & hope with all of my heart that they get sent to jail for what they did! It is about time that we some of these animal abusers do jail time for what they do to the defenseless and innocent animals!!!! I am so, so sick of people using animals to make money in puppy mills and throwing away their pets because they get sick or pregnant or they just grow up and they aren’t “kitten cute” any longer!!!!! Animals are NOT disposable people……they are family members!!!!
    Don’t get a pet unless you are prepared to be responsible for their total care for at least 10 – 15 years!!!!!
    I get on a rant because I get so angry & so upset that I could just break something, instead of my heart breaking over and over and over again for these poor, innocent lost souls!!!!!!
    Rant over!

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