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Well, it was expected but still sad news…one little gaffer left this earth last night. So tiny. So tired. Free now. The other 3 are still fighting but we wonder who is next.  We grieve, remember that precious little face and then carry on.

The pregnant torti that was pulled from Animal Services yesterday was so afraid. She was placed into a warm room prepared especially for her. Foster mom and little toddler daughter took an hour to convince her to come out of hiding, and once she did, she didn’t want them to leave. Little Coconut, named for her round shape, was thankful, loving all the head pats and company….beyond friendly. Refusing kibble at Animal Services, she ate what was offered to her, grateful for the quiet and the safety of her own room. We anticipate that she will deliver soon.

Bernard continues to heal. His bandage was removed to allow air to get at the wound. He has to wear an elizabethan collar which he detests but it will prevent him from worrying at his leg. He managed to rip off the collar as we were on our way back to the foster home so a quick pull over to wrench it back on! Little monkey! Good to see he’s feeling so good and strong now.

Between appointments, Alex was handing off another litter to a foster, delivering meds, and food and we were all trying to problem solve a crisis which required immediate attention and decisions, book vet appointments, confirm appointments with fosters, text and email for pick ups and an adoption meet and greet.

An adoption today of one of our older boys! ….so despite the sad start, the day ended with good news. One life ends while another just begins.  The circle of life.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    So, so sad that a wee one just didn’t have the strength to carry on. I wonder if the human that “dumped” this mama kitty ever gives her another thought? Poor little innocent kitties. I don’t know how you do it, but I know you do! So happy that you all continue on to saving more furry ones.
    Varied emotions all in one day………hard to take for me. Bernard is so lucky to have people committed to him and Norris as well. Adoptions to the BEST home for the kitty is a great way to end a day that started out so sad. Happy to hear that Bernard is coming along so well & happy for Norris finding his fur-ever home today!

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