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Yes I admit I am a crazy cat lady not just because I own a few but because I believe they are spiritual beings…that they  somehow find their way to their owners.

Donald was a robust, beautiful black cat with personality galore.  A S didn’t want to euthanize him after he was unclaimed as he was such a character.  He was sent to be neutered and it was at that time they found he was feline leukemia positive.

Fel Leuk is not a death sentence. Many cats can be carriers only and can live a full life. In fact, the test itself is not definitive and cats who test positive should be retested after a few weeks. AS flagged him so we took Donald into Kare. At his vet check, staff at Crossroads fell in love with  him. They laughed at his funny meow – he sounded like a hoarse duck – hence Donald, as in Daffy Duck – and btw, he was saved on Trump’s inauguration day.

Staff found a string wrapped around Donald’s tongue (hmm interesting but I won’t comment) but it would not have resulted in that meow.  Even more reason to love him – despite that annoyance and pain, he still was a loving, trusting soul.

Dpnald was fostered by Rosemary. She was a bit concerned about his diagnosis but her worries were allayed by her friend who was a vet.

Donald lived a good life. Rosemary adored him and laughed at his antics. She would laugh as he was also so naughty…he would open doors, kitchen cupboards, tried to sneak out of the house,  followed her, slept with her and just luxuriated under her care.

Donald was the only cat for whom we had no inquiries the entire time he was in foster care. Want to know why? Because Donald knew he already had his forever home.

Sadly Donald started showing signs that the virus was catching up to him. He stopped eating. Rosemary tried everything to get him to eat – an assortment of cat food, human food….her journey was like mine when I owned a Fel Leuk cat named Mandu.

Donald’s decline however was rapid. We took him to the vet twice for some help but improvements were temporary. The other morning, Rosemary emailed to say she needed to take Donald in to put him to sleep…. he was declining rapidly. I had vet appointments for kittens that day and arranged for his euthanasia. In my rush, I neglected to tell her it was the next day so she was ready to go for the 2:00 appointment.

After the kitten appointment I thought I would check my email and discovered my error. Calling her, Rosemary said he was dying. I hurriedly called the vet clinic close to me and they said I could come in….I also called Crossroad’s vet clinic as Rosemary wanted to be present. I still had to get to Rosemary’s home to pick them up and still had the kittens in tow.

As I arrived it was clear that Donald was leaving this earth, and after a few minutes, he died. Amazingly Donald died at 2:00 –  2:00 – the time of his appointment the next day.

He did not have to be loaded into a crate which he hated and taken in the car. He did not have to die on a clinic table. He didn’t have to die by a needle by a stranger. He died at the feet of his beloved Rosemary.

You see? I’m not crazy. Donald knew Rosemary was his forever mom. Donald knew Rosemary would love him and care for him unlike any other, to the end. Donald knew he needed to leave this earth before his arranged vet appointment.

Rosemary is heartbroken but she can rest knowing Donald chose her. Call my crazy? Perhaps you are too.

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  1. Lisa (another Krazy cat lady ) says:

    Thank you for sharing this story of Donald and Rosemary . Sounds like Donald had the best home he could want. I am sorry for his passing , he knew he was loved . This story made me cry as it will many kittie lovers. May Donald R.I.P and Rosemary THANK YOU for all you did for him. Thank you Kitty Kare for rescuing Donald and all the Kitties that’s ppl don’t claim !

    I am proud to foster for Kitty Kare , the kitties bring so much love with them😻

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