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….all is bright – now with a skiff of snow. It is also quiet which is such a blessing after a busy fall. There have been a few phone calls but no major panic requiring immediate action. Carol did receive a phone call about a person throwing a kitten out of their car window at Robins. Disgusting. Sometimes I like animals better than people.

Our letter to Santa was published again. We thank the editor – he and his wife have also saved lives as cats are often ‘dumped’ in their area. We hope the message educates the reader about the state of affairs in this city, the need to save more.  We long for a building. It would be such a wonderful place to have our cats. We wouldn’t have to depend on foster homes which currently determines the number of cats we can save.

People could go and meet cats there, volunteers including students requiring volunteer hours could help,  a shared facility with our partner dog rescue, indoor space and outdoor space,  a space for supplies, volunteers could help renovate/build…”Habitat for Cattery” – how’s that for a project?  🙂  Oh yes…I have a lot of ideas and dreams. I keep buying lottery tickets. We so appreciate third party fundraisers as our time is tied to the hands on work of the rescue but we still actively fundraise ourselves.  We have a board meeting in a week. Among other things, we will plan out the year around fundraising events…sorry I got off topic.

Food and meds delivery to fosters.  I must remember to pick up a replacement on Seniors day 🙂  My own supply of ‘cat stuff’ saves me a trip to the pharmacy but when I need something for my own pets, old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is bare…sorta. Don’t ask to see my cupboard. I tend to buy in bulk – you never know…..  Santa brought me a First Aid kit for pets. Love it.

Once again, we are amazed at the generosity of both strangers and friends of the rescue.  People have been coming to the house to hand deliver their donations…’my wife told me to bring this’ – makes me laugh. Large and small donations. No matter the amount, they all bring tears to my eyes because all are given with such love and sacrifice. For a while there I was worried about our finances but the influx of ‘good cheer’ has provided a nice nest egg/cat bed to start the new year.

Christmas photos arriving of some of our rescues that are now dearly loved pets. So heart warming.

It seems that our New Years Eve brings a ‘situation’ where we have to respond. Let’s hope it’s a quiet night.  Happy New Year.


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  1. Lorraine says:

    Happy New Year to Kitty Kare folks and felines 🙂
    I truly hope that this will be the year of the sanctuary……..for fully selfish reasons of course!!!!!
    I am feeling the need for a small, busy, fluffy kitten in my life…….but I really shouldn’t, so I need the sanctuary to be built so I can go there and get my fill of kittens 🙂
    Not saying that my 3 are not enough love…..they are full of love all the time. I just like to handle the tiny mewing, so very soft and fluffy balls of fur….oh, sorry…off track!
    I sincerely wish everyone a most happy new year in 2016!!!!! HAPPY MEW YEAR EVERYONE 🙂
    Yes, that does say MEW 🙂

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