Information On Adopting

Those who ask what difference does it make saving just one have not witnessed the joy of the one who is saved.


If you see a cat on our website or Facebook that you would like to meet, please give us a call or email It is often more expedient to email. We can answer your questions and provide more details. Be prepared to answer our questions as we want to ensure your home is the right fit for our rescue.

If you are interested in meeting the cat, a visit will be arranged. Please be patient as visits must be arranged at a mutually agreeable time between you, the foster, and Kitty Kare. Ordinarily Kitty Kare will bring the cat to your home. A home visit does not guarantee placement nor is there any obligation on your part if you do not fall in love with the cat.

Kittens are adopted out after 8 weeks minimum and upon vet approval. When a kitten is adopted, our Adoption Contract requires that it will be spay/neutered. This is discussed in more detail with you upon adoption. We do not wish to add to the overpopulation problem.

Our cats must be kept indoors only. Some adopters put their cat in a harness and supervise while outdoors. Our rescues must also live in smoke-free homes. As with humans, animals suffer the consequences of second hand smoke.

Our cats must not be declawed.  It is a painful procedure which can result in infection, disfigurement and behavior problems which includes but not limited to litter avoidance. 22 countries have banned declawing as well as individual vet clinics in Canada –  it is an amputation of the first joint, not cutting off nails at the root.  Declawing also changes the cat’s physiology predisposing them to arthritis. Get your cat used to trimming their nails, use Soft Paws nail caps, use double sided sticky tape designed to discourage scratching, have available scratching posts/surfaces.

For the inexperienced pet owner, we will help set up the litter box, food and water centre and provide on-going guidance and support.

All cats are vet checked prior to adoption: de-wormed, vaccinated and spay/neutered if age appropriate.

If you decide to adopt and it is supported by the Kitty Kare representative, Kitty Kare will review the Adoption Contract and leave a copy with you for your records.

A Kitty Kare volunteer will call after a few weeks as a follow-up. Documents (vaccination records and history) will then be mailed to you.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse an adoption. We are careful as to where we place our rescues; we look for the right home; not the “right now” home. Although we take lists for first come and answer all adoption inquiries, we still look for the best possible match. Kitty Kare is the advocate and guardian for cats in our care and we have high but reasonable standards for their welfare and happiness. They can not choose their families so we take the responsibility of placement seriously. The cats trust us.


How much does it cost to adopt a cat or a kitten?
We believe that everyone, regardless of income who wishes to love an animal, recognizes the life- long commitment and is responsible, should be able to experience the joy of pet ownership. Therefore, we ask for a donation which is made payable at the time of adoption. Cash or cheque only. If you do not have the donation, the cat will be returned to the foster home until such time the donation is made. Adoption donations help defray only a portion of our cats’ vet care and foster expenses. We actively fundraise in order to do this work.


Why adopt kittens from Kitty Kare when I can get them for free from people advertising in the paper or on-line?
Like puppy mills, when you adopt those kittens you are encouraging the owner not to spay their cat as they are able to adopt out the litter. Although there is never a guarantee regarding a cat’s future health, all our rescues are vet checked and up to date with their vaccinations. As well, when you adopt from Kitty Kare, you are saving a life.


I have some kittens I need to find homes for. I have a cat that I can no longer keep. Will Kitty Kare take them?
Kitty Kare will only rescue cats/kittens that are scheduled to be euthanized at City of Thunder Bay Animal Services. Please do not call or email asking us to take your cat/kittens. If there is room, the Humane Society will take ‘owner surrenders.’